What makes Remittance Hub special?

Our Fintech is shifting the way money moves Faster - Simpler - Cheaper, making it easier than ever to make transactions between two entities with Top 1 Payout Network, Multi - Channels, Real Time Deposit, Trusted Partnership Brand, and The Best Way To Send Money Home from over 150 countries.

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What the Remittance Hub?

Remittance Hub is Cross Border Money Movement Platform helps service providers expand quickly to unreached markets with a full spectrum of remittance & payment services. A multitude of infrastructural money movement subject is to come together towards a territorial hub. The origins of the Remittance Hub are eminently pragmatic as a strategic territorial concept that gives importance to MTOs positioning of intermediate points towards which money transfer, cross border bill payment or cryptocurrencies networks come together, responding efficiently to the economic demands of the minimal investment of time and effort.

Why Remittnace Hub?

It’s a B2B model as a One – Stop – Shop with intergrated multi channels. It’s speedy of 3 years to 45-60 days to launch in market for MTOs and of 1-5 days to real time for clients. Fast – Reliable & Convenient! sending money to family needs, investments, loan payments or billings which your recipient can Pick up cash over 15,000 locations, Deposit accounts of all banks or Direct to Cards real time, Mobile top up to all telcos network without bank accounts, funds  delivered safely at home in whole country with no fake exchange rates, no hidden fees, no extra cost.  Choosing us to expand your corridors with a strong wider choice and enable your consumers to select the option that best fits.

How Remittance Hub?

Bringing Blockchains Mainstream, we're focused on addressing key financial blockchain infrastructures. By providing fundamental building blocks for partners as banks, MTOs, bill payment service providers, cryptocurrencies FX/ traders and other financial institutions around the world to access these functionalities, to directly transact via API with local market without the need for a central counterparty or separate correspondents. We aim to provide a comprehensive foundation for the future of blockchain technology. The Pay Way’s innovative with a financial transaction platform and perfect infrastructure network that enables partners to instantly access new markets easily, reliably, and securely.


Shaping The Future Together

This mission is about forms coming together. When parts and pieces come together they can create something most powerful, more elegant, the most beautiful than they could ever be individually. Think about the elegant and amorphous forms of money movement by the expansion of Mobile Infrastructure and Blockchain Technology Ecosystem.

Remittance Hub Has Amazing

All in One andOne for All of a mix of traditional financial and cutting-edge technology of the blockchain. Our ecosystem provide a unique blend of technology, services and established infrastructure networks we allow FX traders, Retailers, Billers, Banks, Financial Institutions or MTOs are integrated to Remittance Hub via API. The first your need andthe last your love!


Simple and Simpler! It is sending, spending and getting money anywhere in seconds. We are bringing the benefits of blockchain technology and mobile infrastructure directly to open new business opportunities to service our end consumers. It is a decentralized platform that runs smart coin exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can process value around and represent the ownership of over 50 cryptocurrencies


The system was designed to support corporations which require multi-currency, multi-industry operations. The following features can be used at locations, direct accounts/ cards, door to door, mobile remit, etc.

Bill Payment

Cross Border Bill Pay service makes paying bills easier than ever. Our user-friendly platform lets you pay your bills on time, every time and wherever you are. We’ve teamed up with the industry’s leaders in billing and payment services


Top Up your Line. You can choose from our wide range of recharge methods and top-up denominations to suit your budget. It gives you the ease of topping up wherever you are whenever you want from your Wallet at cheaper rates.


Send and receive money from card to card or direct to card. The "Remittance Card" comes with various benefits to the receiver, in addition to the services provided as connect to account, ATM, wallet, payment merchants and value our incomparable dedicated loyalty program.


It is a reward or cash back loyalty program already linked to your wallet. Earn points or cash on your wallet or denominated gift cards and other pre-loaded items that can be given as gifts or used themselves. Creates substancial benefits and value for the users

New Age Technology

Remittance Hub

Don’t lose any more money by transferring the old fashioned ways! Remittance Hub allows users to send money home using digital coins while allowing recipients to receive funds in the local currency. And it’s brings all your money into one sophisticated device, allowing you to pay any way & anywhere you want with a single card, unlimited possibilities.


Blazing fast app lets you speed through As a partner of Remittance Hub, you can profit from every transaction, your customer base won’t be limited by the boundaries of your neighborhood. Consumers no need to-go-to place to transfer money, top up mobile airtime, pay bills and microloan domestically and overseas. Remittance Hub is building the smart digital wallet, serving businesses and individuals globally

One simple app with major solutions

With Remittance Hub, your money go with you wherever you are and your personal information never leaves your hands. Physical wallets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With a digital wallet like Remittance Hub, you can store all of your payment information in one, easily accessible application.

All your money in one place, anywhere you need it

The Power of Remittance Hub, when you have all your money, all in one place, and all accessible with a single click from any mobile phone anywhere in the world, you have power. You have the power to send money to relatives overseas or to friends down the block. And you give them the power to send money to you, instantly, wherever you may be.

The future of money, in the palm of your hand

Don’t just join the digital wallet revolution. Lead it! Consumers in the know are quickly replacing their traditional wallets with digital wallets. At Remittance Hub, our team of technology superstars and payments professionals is actively engaged in leading the way with features and enhancements that make our wallet more practical, more robust and more powerful. Soon, users will receive digital gift cards, personalized offers and discounts from merchants across the globe.

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Remittance Hub Insights

Insider perspectives and in-depth market analysis, we maintain an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative new strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our client base by peer-to-peer networks that can have many different applications and there are a few main features that many of them share in common.

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