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Discover Our Flexible Cards at www.remit.vn

Payment on over 30 million global outlets where accepted Master & Visa cards global card payments;

Recharging and checking the balance via the mobile phone easily

Cash withdrawals at ATMs or banks accept Visa cards

Value added services and loyalty reward points at many online shops, tours, schools, etc.






Remittance card Solution

Receive and post funds securely, in real-time

Multiple channels for sending and receiving funds (online, mobile, ATM, cash agent)

Flexible payment options (cash, bank account, card, mobile wallet)

Get faster access to funds and improve cash flow

Enjoy better than 99 percent payment processing accuracy

Reduce the risk of employee theft and payments fraud

Obtain access to multiple players in the remittance ecosystem

Achieve greater interoperability, improve cost efficiencies and can access multi-channel services