We Have Made Serving Cryptocurrency Simpler

We Have Made Serving Cryptocurrency Simpler.
Register by your email, mobile number & wallet. Select an amount and provide your Cryptocurrency wallet address. If you don’t have a wallet that we can help you to create one on the spot
Make your payment by using online bank transfer or go to our locations to deposit cash with our details sent to your email
Receive your Cryptocurrency. Once we have confirmed your payment, Cryptocurrency will be sent to your nominated wallet address (Avg. 1-Hr)
Using a Web Browser
Using a Web Browser
1/ Go to the Sells page. 2/ Enter amount of Cryptocurrency or other currency that you wish to sell. 3/ Select the wallet you wish to sell from and address provided in the order confirmation. 4/ Select the account you wish to deposit to. 5/ Confirm the order is correct and click Sell. Once your Sell Request is fulfilled, cash is transferred to your nominated account
Using the iOS & Android Apps
1/ Tap the menu icon near the top left of the screen to open the Smart Coin. 2/ Select or Sell from the Smart Coin. 3/ Enter the amount in Cryptocurrency or other currency that you wish to sell. 5/ Select the bank account or currency wallet you wish to deposit into. After reviewing your order, tap Sell.
Instant Delivery
Smart Coin uses peer to peer technology, so your money goes directly from you to your recipient instantly. It enables the market to determine real-time pricing through our live index. Everything is automated, standardized and based on empirical data.
Strong Network.
We have partnership established key linkages with top players as with Cryptocurrency businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. With a largest network to cover vital links in the cash-in/ cash-out value chain Cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Smart Coin is actively building international partnerships. We provide quick, low-cost, borderless transactions and financial services to everyone. Wherever you are - Whoever you are - Whatever you do.
You choose how you deposit and your recipient chooses how to withdraw, send or spend. With our growing top network, there’s no need to travel long distances to withdraw funds. Let's use our App or Remittance Card.

Blockchain Efective Solution

The partnership model becomes ingrained in the way international development happens, the more wisdom experienced partnership architects and facilitators have to share. What we do is by our attitude. There’re many questions about how hard we do. Why do we have great infrastructure and How do we meet our partners' needs. The complexity and sophistication of our solutions continues to advance. We are Identifying a perfect partner who fits each unique need and has the capability of producing a long-term trusted relationship is a foremost challenge in any business and for any individual who has been asked to make this choice.
We are using some of the most advanced security technologies available. All information are transferred using a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption.
All money transfers are normally executed real time or within 24 hours. You may have choice longer time option from our partners for save more
Remit.vn has one of the largest payout network of disbursement locations available. Receiving money from over 3000 locations in 63 provinces and with multiple service channels